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  • Dispatch Load Board allows you to check your load board from your mobile web! http://moble.dispatchloadboard.com
  • DLB is a web-based software that goes wherever you go which allows your company's users to log in from any computer, anywhere, at any time

  • Get ten users under one subscription fee and add more users at any time for a minimal cost

  • Import your current company database from EXCEL or CSV format to the software so that you don't have to

  • Back up all of the data stored in the software to your system on a daily basis or as needed

  • Manage your company address books on Dispatch Load Board and allow/disallow users to view certain addresses

  • Allocate a user as an administrator, agent, or employee and customize his/her settings to indicate the features and functions which that particular person is allowed to view and partake in

  • Keep your carrier information at hand and organized in one location

  • Post your truckloads and LTL loads to various internet websites or allow the load to only be viewed in-house with one with click of a button, and view all company loads from one single screen

  • Automatically place your loads on your company website so that your current loads can be viewed

  • Manage your LTL loads with description, class, and NMFC history

  • Utilize our city search database and mile calculator when posting a load

  • Perform an advanced search of your company's load history in order to identify information needed to complete a current load (i.e. pricing history, carrier used, etc.)

  • Track and identify changes made by any user on any particular load

  • Make use of our automated currency calculator when dealing with international customers and carriers

  • Locate, monitor, and update the company's completed loads in order to pay the carriers and invoice the customers in an efficient manner

  • Use DLB's Revenue Reports to demonstrate the revenue gained or lost within varying categories (i.e. agent, bill to, or carrier)

  • Also, ask about our warehouse management inventory system if you need it

  • Access and distribute many forms (i.e. Shipping Order Detail, Carrier Confirmation, Customer Confirmation, Bill Of Lading (BOL), Proof of Delivery (POD) Request, Certificate of Insurance Request)
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